Afonso Fuzeta

Finance and digital transformation expert, deeply interested in innovation as a key factor for scaling businesses.

Currently is the executive director of the Center of Excellence for Innovation and New Business at Banco BPI. The CoE works to identify new trends and opportunities enabling the creation of a robust view of the Bank’s future. The CoE focuses on promoting a faster deployment of solutions through the usage of collaborative ecosystems and has a diversified set of themes under the radar (ex. open banking, ESG finance, metaverse, web3.0, decentralized finance, CBDC, etc).

Also, Professor @ NovaSBE, lecturing and coordinating graduate level and executive education courses in Finance.

Previously, co-founded a fintech company, Raize, and helped it grow to become a leading online lender for SME and one of the largest investment communities in Portugal, leading to the company IPO in 2018. Prior to Raize, worked as a derivatives trader and portfolio manager in the hedge fund industry.