Christian Van Heurck

Born in Belgium in 1964, Christian earned a degree in Physics at the university in Brussels and he studied and did research at the university of Antwerp.
He became IT Project Manager for the Port of Antwerp and later also Team Leader for an Operational IT department of the City of Antwerp.
Working as a part-time independent IT Consultant, as System Administrator and as Lead Trainer for a big IT project of the Flemish Government, allowed him to gain more experience in the field of trainings and IT security. A topic that has always been very passionate about, particularly trying to explain complex topics in a simple but correct way.
In 2007 he joined Belnet (the Belgian Research and Education Network and also the ISP for Belgian universities, high schools and the Federal Government) as a Security Analyst in the Belnet CSIRT. In 2009 Belnet started operating (the National CSIRT) too and in 2011 he became Coordinator of
In February 2018 Christian joined the ENISA CSIRT Relations Team as Expert in Network and Information Security and from January 2021 he became the ENISA Head of Sector for Exercises and Trainings.