Pedro Verdelho

Public Prosecutor since 1990. Served at the Department of Investigation and Penal Action, in Lisbon, in the Specialized Section on Computer Crime (1994-2005). Lecturer at the Centre for Judicial Studies, the Portuguese judicial school, in the criminal law and criminal proceedings law department (2005-2011). Since September 2011, Director of the Cybercrime Office within the Prosecution General’s Office.

Member of the Drafting Committee (PC-CY) of the Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe – Budapest Convention (1997-2000). Representative, from Portugal, at the T-CY, the Committee of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime (since 2006), and member of its Bureau, since 2010. Currently, Vice-Chair of the committee. Representative from Portugal at the Permanent Open-Ended Working Party on Cybercrime, from the United Nations (UNODC), since 2011.